I am a yoga teacher, dancer, and artist in Seattle.

I began practicing yoga in my early teens, and it has been a part of my life ever since.

My first formal training was in Seattle in 2006 with Richard Schachtel at the Center for Yoga of Seattle, an Iyengar studio. At the Center for Yoga I learned the art of alignment and discipline. From 2007-2008 I studied Vinyasa with Shiva Rea in Seattle, San Francisco and India. My experience with Shiva taught me to open up my sequences to a more creative flow. In 2011 I returned to San Francisco for training in Kids and Teens Yoga with Michelle Wing at It’s Yoga Kids. Teens classes are my favorite part of the week. With these classes I get to pass on the practice I was so lucky to learn at such a young age.

In each style I’ve found the same values of creativity and non-judgement that I learned from my first yoga teachers.

I draw influence in my classes from all my yoga teachers and students as well as my teachers in dance and art. Yoga is not a closed form of movement. It is accepting and accessible to all abilities. I continue to value the applications and connections that yoga brings to all aspects of my life.

On this site you will find my schedule of classes, information about private lessons and bringing yoga into your workplace.

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